2.4. Newsletters

When the citizen participation platform is on the internet and users start signing up, you can contemplate the possibility of sending newsletters to disseminate news.
It is a very effective resource to encourage participation in the processes of direct democracy, but which should not be abused so as not to saturate the people registered.
It is advisable to use the newsletters for key moments of the processes of citizen proposals, participatory budgets or legislative processes. To keep the population informed of other minor milestones we already have press releases and social networks.
The reading time of users on the Internet is very short, so, in view of the writing of the newsletters:
  • The subject of the mail has to be short, direct and attractive.
  • The body of the email should be as short a description as possible and include a call to action, such as "present your project" or "vote now".
  • Include a single URL: if we include a single address we will have more possibilities to focus the clicks on the desired URL. If we attach several, it is more likely that the attention is dispersed.
  • Include images: the newsletter will be more attractive to recipients if it includes any images. It also fulfills the function of contextualizing and transmitting more information at a single glance, so we must ensure that the photo is related to the content.