1.1. Name, design and identity of the platform

The CONSUL DEMOCRACY platform has standard design and content that would allow a launch with few adjustments. However, the institutions that have already installed the software choose to adapt the platform to their own corporate identity. There are a series of steps to be taken into account prior to the launch, which require the coordination of the communication, development and design team, whether the teams are internal or external to the institution. Name of the platform CONSUL DEMOCRACY is the name of the software on which the participation platform is based. But for the public users we must look for a name that is easily understandable and descriptive, such as, for example, Zamora Participates, Buenos Aires Choose or Decide Madrid. Each institution is free to adopt the name that best suits its needs. The chosen name is the brand and serves as the basis to create the identity and all kinds of content. Graphic design and identity Parallel to the installation of the participation software, the creation of an own design that helps to identify the platform can be proposed. The institutions that have installed CONSUL DEMOCRACY generally opt for a different graphic design that allows distinguishing the participation project from the generic institutional corporate image.
From this new design, it is advisable to create a corporate identity manual that will govern the web, the image on social networks, the dissemination of digital and paper content, etc.
Practical tip: an option that can help consolidate the communication of the platform is to create an own graphic line (typography, color palette, etc.) so that the participation project is easily identifiable. That line can evolve and improve, but always under a graphic coherence.
In this section it is necessary to make a reference to the importance of having a page adapted to mobile navigation, since currently, Internet traffic through mobile phones exceeds web browsing on a personal computer. This is clear from the data of 2017 released by Akamai, a company that manages between 15 and 30% of global web traffic.
The websites created with CONSUL DEMOCRACY are responsive, that is, they are displayed correctly on all types of devices. However, when thinking about the future dissemination of content both in networks, blogs, and in institutional advertising, we must keep in mind that more and more people will participate in the page through their mobile phones.