0. Introduction to the CONSUL DEMOCRACY communication guide

This communication guide is a tool to accompany the launch of citizen participation platforms created from the open source software CONSUL DEMOCRACY and the processes of direct democracy that are started linked to them. The document is oriented to the generic and basic aspects to communicate the project and the participatory processes. Based on this guide, each institution can expand and deepen according to the priorities and resources it allocates to communication. The implementation of the participation must be accompanied by actions to inform the public: to explain the possibilities to be involved in the direct decision making and to show how you can use the web. CONSUL DEMOCRACY is a tool that helps make big decisions among all people. The processes that are developed in the platform transform our streets, neighborhoods, cities, regions and countries. They also enable the creation of environments of

coexistence, a better quality of life and more transparency in public decision- making.

A basic ingredient so that all this happens is that the platform is used and people participate in it. From a simple idea that a citizen shapes, the policies of a city, region or country can be modified.

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