In the final voting phase, all persons registered in the city over the age of 16 can vote on projects for the entire city and for a specific district of their choice. You can vote even if you haven't participated before and you don't need to be a resident in a district to support or vote for that district's projects.

When voting on citywide and district projects, the available budget and the projects with their estimated cost are published. Projects may be voted on one by one until the budget is exhausted, although it is not necessary to exhaust the budget. Voted bills are displayed on a top bar, where votes can be modified at any time until the end of the voting phase, including canceling the votes of the elected district and voting on another.

The final result is obtained after voting, with projects sorted by number of votes for the city and for each district. In each list the projects are selected from the most voted to the least voted, taking into account that each project included does not exceed the remaining budget allocated to that list. If a project exceeds this limit, it is ignored and moved to the next one.

The final selection is integrated into the initial draft of the General Budget of the City Council approved by the Government. Once the Budget has been approved, each of the selected projects is published with a description of the actions (as part of the Budget). Voting may be carried out by any of the following means:

  • through the web.

  • through the Citizen Attention Offices.

  • face-to-face voting by means of a ballot paper in the ballot boxes located in public spaces and streets.

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