General information: in the edition space you can modify and save the changes at any time, as many times as you want by pressing the "Save changes" button, the changes made will appear the next time you open it. The process will only be finished when you check the "Report completed" box before clicking on the button.


The project must be viable in its entirety. If there is only one evaluator: mark viable, fill in the cost, mark finished report and save changes. You can fill in other optional fields if you want to add information.

The field "Cost report" will be the only one that will be publicly visible and where you can expand the information.

If there are several evaluators, they will have to coordinate to fill in the above fields together, we recommend that you fill in the cost report specifying the partial costs calculated by each person who evaluates, in case both must do it.

At the end, any of them will tick the report finished box and save changes, ending the process.

For projects with district scope (even if you as an evaluator of the same belong to an Area), if the cost exceeds the budget of the district and is less than the budget allocated to the projects of the whole city: the project will be marked as feasible, the cost will be added and reclassified as a project of the whole city (the latter will be done by the assigned administrator, who will be notified by email).

Changes in scope will be made by the person responsible for coordinating the process.


Fill in the unfeasibility report, check the box report completed and save the changes. You can fill in the observations field if you want to communicate something to the administrators or other evaluators.

When the changes are saved with the finished report, an email will be sent automatically to the author showing the unfeasibility report, and the project will stop receiving support, so we ask you to make sure that you have correctly catalogued the project as unfeasible.

It is recommended to use standard answers in case of non-compliance with basic conditions: no competition, no legality, no total or partial investment (see standard answers).


In the event that, due to the competition, it is not your responsibility to evaluate the project, the comments and observations field will be used to indicate this circumstance, identifying and clearly indicating which Department/District it corresponds to, then the changes will be saved and not mark the finished report (send an email to the assigned administrator).

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