Projects not declared "unfeasible" up to this stage are subject to evaluation.

The City Council evaluates the most supported projects under the coordination of the Department in charge of the process, in collaboration with the rest of the Areas and with the districts.

The technical staff of the City Council carries out the feasibility and cost studies in an independent and neutral way, attending only to the criteria publicly marked for the process.

The evaluation confirms that the projects are valid, technically feasible and legal.

It ensures that they are the competence of the City Council and can be included in the municipal budget.

It is verified that the projects are not being carried out or foreseen in the current budget.

During this phase, projects are evaluated in ascending order of number of supports.

Projects that are included in the cut-off thresholds* and marked as feasible go on to the final voting phase. *the cut-off threshold for each territorial area will be given by the number of supports of the last project that has given time to evaluate in that area.

The final decision on the feasibility of the project rests with the competent technical staff.

At the end of the period, all approved and rejected projects are published, together with their corresponding reports and assessments.

The evaluation should start with the most supported projects and continue in descending order.

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