The unfeasibility report or the cost report should not enter into subjective evaluations, opinions from the Department or district on the convenience or not of the project, alternatives to it, or on the plans that are had from them, that is to say, it should not include opportunity criteria.

In the participatory budgeting process, the project and the decision is exclusively the responsibility of the citizenry (regardless of whether internally one might think that a mistake has been made or another project would be better), therefore the reports should be limited to giving technical reasons in one sense or another with respect exclusively to what has been proposed.

The objective will always be to facilitate as much as possible the realization of the projects, as well as the satisfaction of the citizens with the response in case the implementation is not possible.

Practical case to see the procedure in case of lack of concretion:

Presentation of a project asking for "bicycle lanes all over the city", the person who evaluates will propose in the cost report a possible average implementation of this idea (defining for example a series of general routes and the length of these), and this implementation will be the one that is evaluated and on which the cost is calculated.

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