Poll officer

The table presidents can access this interface during a general vote or the final vote of the participatory budgets. This interface is used by those responsible for the face-to-face voting stations, to verify that the person who wants to vote can do so, and if they do, to confirm the vote so that they cannot vote a second time at another table or through the digital platform.

It also allows us to enter the results of the vote once it has finished.

To our left, we find a menu with two options (we will explain each one in a separate section)

  1. Validate document and vote

  2. Total count and scrutiny

3.5.1. Validate document and vote

In this section, we introduce the voter's identity document and manage their vote.


In the first place, we will find the form to enter the voter's data. The type of document, the document number and the year of birth: Different types of documents can be selected:

Select the type of document and enter the requested data: and click on the "Validate document" button.

If the person is not in the user verification registry with that document, or is under the age configured as the minimum voting age, or the information is not correct, it will show us the message "This document could not be verified".

If everything is correct, it will take us to the following screen:

It will show us the list of active votes in our polling station, indicating to us with the message "You can vote" in case the voter can vote, or a message "You have already participated in this vote" in case the voter has already voted on the internet or at another polling station.

In the event that they can vote, the voter will be told that they will proceed to introduce the envelope with the voting papers into the ballot box.

Once the corresponding envelope has been inserted, the President of the table will mark the "Confirm vote" button.

The button for said vote will change to the message “Vote entered correctly”.

If the voter tried to vote again at this table (or in the event that they had voted online) the following message would appear, preventing the vote:

Once this process is finished, click again on the side menu "Validate document and vote" to go to the next voter.

3.5.2 Total count and scrutiny

This last section will only be used on the day of the final scrutiny of the vote.

By clicking on the menu "Final count and scrutiny" on the left we will see the following screen:

In the central part, we will see the completed voting in which we can carry out the final count and scrutiny. We will click on the "Add results" button of the vote that we choose, which will take us to the following screen:

In the first drop-down, we will choose the ballot box corresponding to the scrutiny that we have carried out, and then we will fill in the requested fields.

Clicking on the "Save" button will reload the blank page, but at the bottom we will see a link with the results entered:

If we click on the link "See results" we can make sure that we have entered them correctly:

If we want to re-enter the result, because we made a mistake when entering it, we just have to repeat the process. The new result will overwrite the previous one.

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