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5.2 CONSUL DEMOCRACY Model Conditions of Use [/conditions]

  1. Scope of application of the conditions of use Participation in the Portal (understanding it as active participation beyond reading the present content) is regulated by these conditions of use that bind all the people who participate in this website. Therefore, any person who wishes to participate must register, for which purpose the acceptance of these conditions of use will be requested.

The [Town Hall] reserves the right to modify these conditions of use for participation in the Portal, the latest version of which will be published on this website.

  1. Objective of the initiative

Through the Portal, the [City Council] wants to encourage citizen participation in city management, involving them in the generation of innovative and viable ideas and proposals, in order to improve their quality of life. It is a determined commitment to a management closer to the citizenry that will allow us to receive their proposals and also create direct channels of communication with the municipal government, contributing to making the best decisions for the general interest.

  1. General questions about participation in the Portal

Any natural person over the age of 18 who has previously registered on the Portal may participate. By accepting these terms of use, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older. The adults in charge of the minors are fully responsible for their actions on the Portal. There is no limitation regarding the number of debates, comments or proposals to be presented by the participants.

When entering the title of the proposals, it is recommended to write a short and precise description with a maximum of 2000 characters. Attached documents may be attached to complete the argument.

  1. Obligations of Portal users

As the [Town Hall] is a meeting point whose objective is to debate, share and evaluate proposals related to the improvement of the city, users are obliged to make diligent use and in accordance with said objective.

The [City Council] is not responsible for the incorrect use of the Portal by users or for the content located on it, each user being responsible for its correct use and for the legality of the content and opinions that they have shared.

The [City Council] reserves, therefore, the right to limit access to the Portal of opinions, information, comments or documents that users want to incorporate, being able to install filters for this purpose. All this will be done only as long as it has the purpose of preserving the fundamental objective of the Portal.

In accordance with current legal regulations, the use of the Portal for purposes other than those of debating, sharing and evaluating proposals is prohibited, and specifically:

Share any content that may be considered a violation in any way of the fundamental rights to honour, image and personal and family privacy of third parties or against the dignity of people.

Share images or photographs that collect images or personal data from third parties without having obtained the appropriate consent of their owners.

Share any content that violates the secrecy in communications, the infringement of industrial and intellectual property rights or the regulations governing the protection of personal data.

Reproduce, distribute, share content, information or images that have been made available by other users without their express authorization.

Its use for advertising purposes.

Carrying out any of the above behaviours will allow the [City Council] to temporarily suspend the activity of a participant, disable their account or delete their content, without prejudice to other responsibilities that may be claimed.

In the event that the content entered by users incorporates a link to another website, the [City Council] will not be responsible for damages or losses derived from accessing the link or its contents.

In case of litigation of any kind or for any reason between the participants in the website and/or a third party, the [City Hall] will be exempt from any responsibility for claims, demands or damages of any nature related to or derived from the litigation.

  1. Use of the Portal

Participants will be able to access and browse the Portal freely and anonymously. Only when they want to carry out an action that implies the creation, support or comment of a proposal, or participation in a debate, they will be asked to enter their credentials, to obtain which it will be necessary to register previously. The registration that will allow you to participate by commenting in any of the sections, creating debates or proposals, will be done by entering the following information:

  • Username

  • Email

  • Acceptance of the conditions of use of the Portal

To participate by supporting proposals, the user will be required to verify their account by fulfilling that they are 18 years of age or older and are registered in [city], for which they will be guided through a series of steps where data related to the census will be requested. and a means of communication through which to provide one or two secure codes to complete the verification of your account (depending on the means of communication chosen by the user).

  1. Conditions for the treatment of the contents provided by users

These conditions regulate the terms applicable to the content submitted by the users of this platform through the corresponding form (hereinafter, the content). These conditions apply both to the content initially sent to the Portal and to any content that is subsequently sent or manifested to the [Town Hall], meaning the following:

  • A. Non-confidentiality: All the content sent by the user to the [Town Hall] must be capable of being known by the general public. Therefore, the [City Council] will treat the aforementioned content as non-confidential information.

  • B. Procedure: In the event that the [Town Hall] is interested in the content sent by the user, it will contact him to request additional information. Said information will also be of a non-confidential nature, without prejudice to the fact that in the event that the parties consider the need to exchange information of a confidential nature, the corresponding Confidentiality Agreement is signed. The [Town Hall] reserves the right not to contact the users who have sent the content. All without prejudice to the provisions of the section on "Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights". In the event that the [Town Hall], at its sole discretion, decides to contact certain users, they know and accept that for this reason the [Town Hall] does not acquire any commitment.

  • C. Publicity or dissemination of the contents presented: The participants in the Portal declare to know and accept the fact that the information provided may be published on the web as well as through other means that the organization deems appropriate to publicize this initiative.

  • D. Non-return of material: The [City Hall] has no obligation to return content submitted by users.

  • E. Notice and withdrawal procedure: The [City Council] will process requests for the elimination or withdrawal of content that violate the conditions of use that the participants have added. Likewise, any person, with reasoned reasons if there is a breach of these conditions of use, may request the removal of content from the [Town Hall]. The [Town Hall] reserves the right to make the appropriate checks or verifications prior to the removal of any content.

  1. Privacy and data protection policy

  • A. Ownership of intellectual and industrial property rights: The user who provides the content declares, with the acceptance of these Conditions, to be the owner of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights or to hold sufficient rights over said content and that in addition voluntarily submits it to the [Town Hall] for disclosure on the Portal. The ownership of each and every one of the contents presented that are protected or are likely to be protected, by the Law of Industrial and Intellectual Property, corresponds to the authors and/or owners of the aforementioned Contents. The [City Council] does not assume any responsibility, either direct or indirect, regarding any type of controversy, dispute and/or litigation that may arise from the publication, disclosure and/or dissemination of the contents provided without the mandatory consent of their legitimate Headlines. The [Town Hall] will respect all Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights on the content submitted by users. Any violation of Intellectual or Industrial Property Rights will be the responsibility of the person who provides the content. The [Town Hall] by the mere receipt of the content, does not receive from the user any intellectual or industrial property license, so it will not use the content unless expressly accepted by its owner.

  • B. Data protection: The personal data provided by users who register on the Portal will be incorporated and treated as described in the data protection notice. The Person Responsible for the Treatment of personal data is the [Town Hall], before which the interested party may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, all of which is reported in compliance with article 13 of the European Protection Regulation of data.

  1. Applicable regulations

The rules of the legal system [COUNTRY] exclusively govern these conditions of use. Any dispute, controversy or claim derived from these conditions of use, or the breach, termination or invalidation of these, will be resolved exclusively before the competent courts.

  1. Review of the conditions of use

The [City Council] reserves the right to revise these terms of use and the privacy policy at any time and for any reason. In this case, registered users will be notified through this online space and, if they continue to use the Portal, the changes introduced will be understood as accepted.

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