Moderators and administrators can access this interface. Here all the content of the platform indicated as 'inappropriate' by the users is listed. Moderators have the option to hide or confirm content and block users.

When a user flags a Proposal / Discussion / Comment with the "report as inappropriate" option, it will appear in this list. For each inappropriate item, the title, date, number of complaints (how many different users have marked the complaint option) and the text of the Proposal / Discussion / Comment will appear.

To the right of each element, there is a box that we can mark to select several from the list at the same time. Once we have selected one or more, we find three buttons at the bottom of the page to perform actions on them:

  • Hide: It will hide those elements on the platform.

  • Block authors: it will stop the authors of these elements from being able to access the web and will also hide all the Proposals / Debates / Comments of those users on the platform.

  • Mark as Reviewed: Used when we believe these items should not be moderated, that their content is correct, and therefore should no longer appear on this inappropriate items list.

To facilitate the management, above we find a filter with the sections:

Pending: Proposals / Discussions / Comments that have not yet been hit "hide", "block" or "mark as reviewed", and therefore still need to be verified

All: Showing all Proposals / Discussions / Comments on the web, and not just those marked as inappropriate.

Marked as reviewed: those that a moderator has marked as seen and therefore appear correct.

It is advisable to check the "pending" section regularly.

block users

The search form allows us to find any user by entering their username or email, and block them once found. By blocking it, the user will not be able to access the web again, and all their Proposals / Debates / Comments will be hidden and will no longer be visible on the web.

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