Administrators and Managers can access this interface. Here managers can create and verify user accounts and perform tasks for users to create or support proposals, etc. The most common destination for this functionality is public workers in the institution's citizen service offices, to help citizens interact with the participation process.

The following options are available:

  • Users. Managers can create or verify user accounts through this option. All other options require first access through this subsection, to select the user whose actions will be performed.

  • Edit user account. This option allows you to reset a user's password in two ways: by email (this is the most common way, the user will receive an email with a password reset link), manually (in case the user does not have access to your email, a random password can be generated or written by the user himself through this interface)

  • Create proposal. Here is the form to create a proposal. When the proposal is created, it will appear on the platform as created by the user.

  • Support proposals. A text field is displayed at the top of the page to search for proposals. Once the proposal is found, if you click on the "Support" button, the proposal will register support from the user. The final vote on proposals or participatory budgets, being a much more delicate process, is not managed from this interface. To do this, from the administration interface, you have the option of 'Voting boxes'.

  • Create spending projects. The form for creating projects for the current participatory budgeting process is shown here if the 'project submission' phase is open. When the project is created it appears on the platform as created by the user.

  • Support spending projects. At the top of the page, a text field is displayed to search for projects for current participatory budgets, if the 'support phase' of projects is open. Once the project is found, if you click on the "Support" button, the project will register support from the user.

  • Print proposals. This section makes it easy to print a part of the proposal list.

  • Print expense projects. This section makes it easy to print part of the list of participatory budget projects.

  • Send invitations. The field can be filled with a list of emails separated by commas. By clicking on the "send invitations" button, an email will be sent to each address inviting the person to register on the platform.

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