Evaluation Interface
Evaluators and administrators can access this interface to evaluate participatory budgeting projects. Through the administration interface, projects are assigned to different evaluators or groups of evaluators. Each evaluator can see in this interface only the projects assigned to him and complete the evaluation report for each project. With this, the evaluation can be done in a decentralized way, simplifying the work for each evaluator.
To be displayed here, projects must be assigned to the evaluator and also check the "show to evaluator" box in the admin interface. In this way, if this option is considered, administrators can ration the work that each evaluator does each time, and not show all the projects from the beginning.
When accessing the interface, the participatory budget in progress is displayed, and an "Evaluate" button to start the evaluation of the projects. The next window at the top shows the number of projects for each item, and then two tabs to organize the projects: "In evaluation" and "Evaluation completed"
By clicking on each project, you can see the public information about the project, the assigned administrators and evaluators, the current status of the evaluation report and a space for internal comments between evaluators and administrators. This comments section is not public, it is used only for internal debate and clarification among the people in charge of the project evaluation.
By clicking on the "Edit report" link, the evaluation report form is displayed. First, the feasibility of the project must be selected: undecided (default), viable or unfeasible.
By clicking on "viable", the following fields will be filled in:
  • Cost (mandatory). The cost of the project will be displayed during the final voting phase and will be used to calculate how many projects each user can vote on.
  • Cost report (optional). If this field is filled in, the content will be displayed on the project page. This field can be used to explain how the price was calculated or how the project can be executed.
  • Cost during the first year (optional, not public). This field is only used for internal purposes. It will not be published at any time.
  • Execution time (optional, not public). This field is only used for internal purposes. It will not be published at any time.
When clicking on the "unfeasible" option, the only field required is the following:
Unfeasibility report (mandatory). Here is why the project has been declared unfeasible.
When the report is marked as "Report Complete" and changes are saved, the project will appear publicly in the "Unfeasible projects" list and the unfeasible explanation will be posted on the project page. An email will also be sent to the author of the project, with the explanation of the unfeasibility. Keep in mind that this email is sent and the explanation is published on the platform at the same time that the evaluation is established as finished and the changes are saved. By clicking on the "evaluation finished" box and the "save changes" button, the report will be closed. The evaluator will not be able to make any further changes (except if an administrator unchecks that box again).
If you click on the "save changes" button without checking the "evaluation finished" box, the information on the fields will be saved, to continue working on them at another time.