Mail Server Configuration

This is an example of how to integrate a mailing service with Consul Democracy.

In this example we use Mailgun.

Create an account in Mailgun

  • Skip the credit card form

  • And activate your account with the link sent by email

Domain configuration

  • Since you don't have a domain yet, you should click in the sandbox that is already created

Consul Democracy mailing configuration

  • Go to the config/secrets.yml file

  • Change the lines on the file to configure the mail server under the section staging, preproduction or production, depending on your setup:

  mailer_delivery_method: :smtp
     :address: "<smtp address>"
     :port: 587
     :domain: "<domain>"
     :user_name: "<user_name>"
     :password: "<password>"
     :authentication: "plain"
     :enable_starttls_auto: true
  • Fill <smtp address>, <domain>, <user_name> and <password> with your information

  • Save the file and restart your Consul Democracy application

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