If you want to overwrite any image, firstly you need to find out the filename, and by default it will be located under app/assets/images. For example if you want to change the header logo (app/assets/images/logo_header.png) you must create another file with the exact same file name under app/assets/images/custom folder. The images and icons that you will most likely want to change are:

  • apple-touch-icon-200.png

  • icon_home.png

  • logo_email.png

  • logo_header.png

  • map.jpg

  • social_media_icon.png

  • social_media_icon_twitter.png

City Map

You'll find the city map at /app/assets/images/map.jpg, just replace it with an image of your cities districts (example).

Afterwards we recommend you to use an online tool like or to generate the html coordinates to be able to generate a image-map for each of the districts. Those coordinates should be introduced on the respective Geozones at the admin geozones panel (/admin/geozones).

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