7. Customizable home

CONSUL DEMOCRACY has a home page when accessing the platform, which is completely customizable. This page allows us to highlight the most interesting processes, to link graphically to internal or external contents, or to make visible the most supported proposals and debates.

As we can see in the previous example, the initial page is divided into different blocks. All the blocks can be activated or deactivated at any time depending on whether you want to show one information or another.

In the first place we have a block with the initial header, to highlight what seems to us to be the most priority, which will have maximum visibility.

Two other blocks that can be activated are the blocks of Proposals and Active Debates. These blocks automatically show the Proposals and Debates created by the citizens who have the most support.

You can then activate the Process block. This block automatically displays the last open processes.

Finally we find the block of Highlighted Contents. In this block you can create cards on topics that seem important to us to highlight. The title, image, text and link of the card is configurable.

All these blocks are configured and modified in a simple way from the platform administration interface, allowing it to be changed as regularly as needed.

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