1. Citizen proposals

The proposals section allows anyone to submit proposals. These proposals gather supports up to a decided threshold to select the most relevant ones. When they reach this threshold, the proposals can be moved to the voting section, where a vote can be taken for or against the proposal, or directly considered to be carried out.

The list of proposals changes regularly, showing new proposals and also those that generate more interest. It is also possible to sort proposals by other criteria (more supported, more recent, etc.).

Proposals can include tags, images, documentation, videos, location on a map or other relevant information. It also has a comment space where anyone can discuss the proposal, as well as vote on other comments to select the most relevant ones.

The author of the proposal can create notifications, which will be published on the proposal page, in addition to being sent by email to everyone who has supported the proposal. In this way the author can communicate any news about the proposal, or encourage the necessary support to be gathered.

Proposals have a Related Content section, where any user can point to other proposals or similar discussions. This helps to concentrate efforts on similar proposals, and to create communities of users who work together.

When a proposal is created, a Community space is automatically generated for the proposal.

In this space users can open all the debates they want, to work together around the proposal. It is a space designed for users who want to get more involved in the success of the idea.

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