11. Face-to-face participation in the processes

CONSUL DEMOCRACY allows you to activate face-to-face participation spaces for all the processes that take place on the web. The management of face-to-face spaces is carried out from the web, ensuring that there is coherence between both spaces, and for example no one can vote twice in the same process through the face-to-face space and the web.

Different participation channels can be activated:

  • Voting booths. For the general voting and for the voting of participative budgets it is possible to place ballot boxes in the public space. These ballot boxes are monitored in real time from the participation platform, and the participation census is common to the web, in order not to allow double voting.

  • Participation through managers. Users marked as managers can perform tasks to help participation, such as creating user accounts, modify their data, or upload proposals or support them on behalf of a user. These managers are usually staff of the institution that help citizens participate. In this way people can participate without having to use a computer.

  • Signature sheets. Citizens' proposals and participatory budget projects can collect support on traditional signature sheets. Then these signature sheets can be entered into the platform through the appropriate interface, to count the supports on the web, and discard those that are not valid. Thanks to this, authors of proposals can ask for support for their ideas without the need for a computer.

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