10. Administration, Moderation, Evaluation, Voting and Management Interfaces

CONSUL DEMOCRACY has a system of user roles, which allows assigning different permissions and functions to each user. The main roles of the platform are administrator, moderator, evaluator, manager and poll officers. Each of these roles allows access to a special interface, where they have special functionalities:

  • Administration Interface. Administrators are the highest level users. They are responsible for managing all the participation processes, as well as the configuration of the platform.

  • Moderation Interface. This interface lists all the content of the platform indicated as 'inappropriate' by users. Moderators have the option to hide or confirm the content and block users.

  • Evaluation Interface. Evaluators can access this interface to evaluate participatory budget projects. Administrators can assign projects to different evaluators or groups of evaluators. Each evaluator can see only the projects assigned to him in this interface and complete the evaluation report for each project. The evaluation can thus be done in a decentralised way, simplifying the work for each evaluator.

  • Management Interface. Managers can create and verify user accounts and perform tasks for users to create or support proposals, etc. The most common destination of this functionality are the public workers of the offices of attention to the citizenship of the institution, to help citizens interact with the process of participation.

  • Poll officers Interface. Poll officers can access this interface during a general voting or during the final vote on participatory budgets. This interface is used by those responsible for the face-to-face voting booths, to check that the person who wants to vote can do so, and in case he does so to confirm the vote so that he can not vote a second time at another booth or through the digital platform. It also allows you to enter the results of the vote once it has finished.

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