Recommended resources for users in the Proposal Progress Dashboard

Consul Democracy Software has a proposal dashboard that allows users who create proposals to follow their evolution, and receive advice and resources to make them successful.

Below we collect Resources that can be suggested to users in this control panel.


  • Manual "Ten keys to create your proposal".

  • Diffusion kit

  • Images for your social network profiles

  • Email model to share

  • Surveys

  • Poster of your proposal

By reaching certain goals:

  • 1,000 supports - Mention in social networks

  • 3,000 supporters - Key contributor

  • 5,000 supports - Email to web users

  • 10.000 supports - Promotional video about your proposal

Manual "Ten keys to create your proposal"

At the moment your proposal is still in draft mode, it is a perfect time to read this summary on how to publish a citizen proposal and start gathering supports. Although you have already overcome some of the steps that reviews this article, such as becoming a user, there are many others that can be very useful, as they incorporate recommendations. This is the case of advice on how to write better or which files could complement the information you are entering in the form. Take a look!

Diffusion kit

Here is a manual to help you communicate your proposal and have as much success aspossible. It is essential that you are aware of it and drive it forward. This document will help you to have a strategy in your communication. You can download it in pdf and also read it online.

EXAMPLE Dissemination kit for download by the City of Madrid (in Spanish)

Images for your social network profiles

Here are some examples of images to inspire you or include in your active profiles in social networks. You can temporarily changing the typical image of your user or the cover of your profile, for another one that announces that you have a proposal on the web and that you are looking for support. You can use some of the images we provide, create your own slogan that suits you best and change them regularly. It is a very grateful space, since anyone who knows you will see it without having to make such an effort.

Email model to share

We offer you a sample email text that you can send to spread the most important data of your proposal. It includes a very visual button for your contacts to support or share the proposal directly. You can preview the email in the user area or send it to the email address with which you have registered on the web. The text will reach your personal mailbox and you will be able to forward it to all your acquaintances. Keep in mind that you can change the text and customize the content to your liking.


The survey is a resource that serves to generate community and to make it easier for others to collaborate and enrich the proposal before publishing it. The survey works in draft mode and once the proposal is published. Each survey can ask questions and give options for answering them. You can define these answers either "Yes" or "No", and also choose options with a small description ("I want a bigger square", "I want a square with swings", "I want a square with more green areas", etc.). To make a survey public and start spreading it you have to define a start and end date. During the chosen date you won't be able to have more than one survey active at the same time, although you can prepare others and make them public with another calendar. Interested people will be able to answer the questions but will need to register on the platform.

Poster of your proposal

The poster model that we provide is designed to collect the basic information of your proposal. We have included some texts that seek to draw attention to the proposal and the need to seek support. When the proposal does not have an image of its own, the poster will include a default image, but we recommend that you attach an image of your own that better reflects your message. You can add it by editing your own proposal. Hang your poster asking for permission before in places like your workspace, the bar where you often have breakfast, your children's school or your building's elevator. You can preview how the poster will look, which is in A4 format, or download it in PDF format to send, publish on the Internet or print.

Mention in social networks

Congratulations, the support for your proposal is growing. In order to keep you visible at this important initial moment, we will mention the proposal in our social networks. So many more people who still don't know it will be able to see it. In order for us to disseminate your proposal, click on the "Request resource" button. This will send a notification to the webmasters, who will contact you as soon as possible to carry it out.

Key contributor

Your proposal is receiving a lot of support and we want to thank you for your collaboration with the ideas you have contributed to make a better city. We would like to highlight your user on the home page of the website as a key contributor, so that people can know the people who make the proposals. We would also like to contact you to find out how your experience is going and see how we could improve it. If you want us to perform these actions click on the "Request resource" button. This will send a notification to the webmasters, who will contact you as soon as possible.

Email to users

We would like to share your proposal with the hundreds of thousands of web users, people interested in participating to make a better city and who are the ones who can best value the support your proposal deserves. We propose you to send from the platform an email to all users with the link to the proposal, an invitation to support it and the possibility of contacting you through the private messages of the platform so that you can collaborate with the objective that the proposal gets all the necessary support. If you want us to carry out this action, click on the "Request resource" button. This will send a notification to the web managers, who will contact you as soon as possible.

Promotional video about your proposal

There's only one last sprint left for your proposal to get the necessary support! To help you in this, we would like to offer the help of our audiovisual department to make a video of about 30 seconds in which to tell the world your proposal. If you want us to make the video, click on the "Request resource" button. This will send a notification to the webmasters, who will contact you as soon as possible to organise it.

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